The History of the Offering Plate Quotes
Phyllis Once upon a time, many, many moons ago ... it was the end of 1997 or the beginning of 1998 ... I was in a group at church along with a woman named Phyllis who told me that she had to count the money in the offering plates each week and how very boring it was!  I had not yet joined the church and, hoping to make Phyllis's job a little more interesting, I began to put slips of paper into an anonymous envelope with my offering that had quotations I found interesting on them.
Weeks passed, and Phyllis mentioned in our group that someone was putting quotations in the offering plate and she had plotted with the ushers to try to figure out who it was.  More weeks passed and she said she was narrowing it down.  She knew that the person sat on the left side of the church and she thought she would figure it out soon.  Finally, she did!  No one else knew I was doing it, so she really had to be quite a sleuth to figure it out. 
Some time later, Phyllis moved away from Evergreen but I was really enjoying doing the quotations and continued.  In fact, I began sending them to some of you.  Nothing elaborate, just the quotations and sometimes a gif.
Baby Brother (Jack) made a website for them and we tried to gather as many previous ones as we could but we still missed out on two year's worth.  I began adding pictures that were fun or pretty or interesting.  Soon, I started adding Biblical paintings by the old masters that illustrated some passage from that week's Lectionary, or Bible reading.  I began using the Lectionary themes for the week as my way of preparing for the Sunday service.
In 2003, Dottie and Jack sent me a digital camera and I slowly began adding pictorial observations of things that had occurred during the week.  Yes, sometimes I get carried away!
Next, I added actual Bible passages from the Lectionary and, somewhere in there, I often included a theme or title. 
All this has developed because, ten years ago, a woman named Phyllis had complained about counting the money in the offering plates.  I often wished I could have told Phyllis about how it had all evolved.
Today, at the Evergreen Life Care Nursing Home, we had a new resident who came to our Memories in the Making painting group.  It was Phyllis.  Unfortunately, I think it may be too late to tell Phyllis about the evolution of the Offering Plate Quotes.
August 31, 2007